For Dogs: Healthy teeth, skin, muscles and joints.

I have three dachshunds, 3 yrs old, 8 yrs old and 12 yrs old. They all eat Nature’s Instinct dry, wet, and raw food & omega caps. They are very healthy, and super fun. But my little man, Romeo 8 yrs old, has had dry skin since he was given to me. He didn’t even have enough hair on his head & chest when I met him at a yr. old. IMG_0110The Missing Link has been fantastic in helping him get more nutrients and have better skin and actually grow more hair! For years I needed to put Jason’s all natural hand creme on him a couple times a week to keep his skin from chapping. Until recently when we tried Avoderm. WOW! One bag, fed for one of his meal’s per day and he’s a new dog. Super shiny soft, fur and I haven’t had to put hand creme on his skin.

My 12 yr old contracted a whole body arthritis from a tick born virus when she was 10 yrs. old, even though she’d been on the topical protection, Frontline. She was stiff and miserable and in pain. I found, Vet’s Best Aches & Pains at Petco, and give her a half tablet twice a day: and she’s a new puppy. She runs, gallops, saunters, plays, essentially is back in business, normal, able to enjoy life again.

My 3 yr old has had the best advantage of getting on this toothpaste since she was young. Petzlife Oral Care Gel Her teeth still look bright white. I just rub it on their gums and teeth after meals. Super.

What I love is that these all natural products have made my puppers feel better. I hope they work for your furry friends too.

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