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I worked with a fabulously creative friend & lyricist, Stefanie Mis from 1981-1994. Among our 31 songs, we have a song called “Sad Cafe” that has the line, ” I want to be a part of something, somewhere, now”. As solitary as my own art is & enjoyable to have that quiet time to create, I have often craved collaboration & more company within the aspects of writing, arranging, performing & recording my music.

In exploring the many folks, organizations & clubs around you to find friends to crunch these things with don’t despair if what you find isn’t an exact fit. You can always start something of your own design. I am most excited, challenged & alive when talking about the creative process & how we do what we do. So I volunteered to run a Song Writer’s Workshop at the Harvest Cafe’ in Hudson, MA. It’s scheduled for the 3rd Saturday of every month; we’ve been meeting since the fall of 2007. Each month brings new faces & allows me to continue the enormous conversation of writing & producing original music & to meet more writers.

I have within the last year met some fabulous song writers through my workshops that are new fast friends. Some even live in my home town virtually blocks away! What a find & how exciting! Who knew? Then more writers came through them. “If you build it they will come” the movie promised & so they did. I’m psyched!

Keep asking, keep yer eyes open. Surprises lurk at every turn to delight you.

Check out Louise Hetzler & Kate Chadbourne.

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  1. Kate says:

    Wow, Lauren: thank you!

    I am thrilled to discover omni-competent you in this neighborhood. Yow!

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