Blast Of Love

Blast of Love
This is all-inclusive, ruby-red, altogether gorgeous music, custom made for lovers everywhere.

Song Titles:
1. Come Be Loved
2. Essential One
3. Leaps & Twirls
4. Don’t Look Down (Feat. Elizabeth Lorrey)
5. I Love You Because
6. Feel For Me
7. New World of Adventure
8. Leaf Feather Wing Stone
9. Blast Of Love
10. Maine Moon
11. Wish Upon Me
12. The Sea Road (Feat. Kate Chadbourne)
13. Galaxy Eyes
14. Let the Music Begin
15. Heart of the Sky


“Your harmony choices really speak to me, rich, beautiful, soulful, I can feel your emotion in every choice.”
~ Gary D.

“What a cool CD cover!!! I listened to the Blast of Love and recognized some landscapes in your Youtube video. Congratulations. Your voice is so lovely.”
~ Kristina (neighbor)

“Congratulations on your album! It’s just amazing that you released this with so many credits to your name — producer, mixer, photographer AS WELL AS composer and performer! You are very versatile as a composer, thoughtful and original as a lyricist, and of course capable and interesting as a performer.”
~ Lucy

“CDs arrived today, Blast sounds great so far, looking forward to listening to all the music.”
~ Blathnaid a.k.a. Bravery Girl (in Dublin Ireland)