“You’re a magical guitarist, an amazing musician.”
~ Patty D.

“You make it look so easy. Your playing is thoughtful, accurate, clean and beautiful.”
~ Steve H.

“On Tuesday evening I hooked up my iPad and played your songs through the outdoor speakers on the main deck and patio where we cooked and hosted a grill and supper by the lake for our employees. MASSIVE hit!!! Absolutely everyone loved your music. We had the entire bay to ourselves and the music rolled over the lake and filled the whole bay. We had a huge fire burning and the embers were sparkling up into the sky as your music was playing. It was perfect. It struck me that someone can create some music, release it into the World, and it lives on.”
~ Peter

“Your playing is so clean and spot on, you’re a total badass.”
~ Paul S.


Blast of Love“Your harmony choices really speak to me, rich, beautiful, soulful, I can feel your emotion in every choice.”
~ Gary D.

“What a cool CD cover!!! I listened to the Blast of Love and recognized some landscapes in your Youtube video. Congratulations. Your voice is so lovely.”
~ Kristina M.

“Congratulations on your album! It’s just amazing that you released this with so many credits to your name — producer, mixer, photographer AS WELL AS composer and performer! You are very versatile as a composer, thoughtful and original as a lyricist, and of course capable and interesting as a performer.”
~ Lucy H.

“So much to say about Blast. Listening now. I’ve got goose 🙂 – I mean geese bumps – when I heard the drums in “Let the Music Begin”. You’re drumming sounds like Ringo! It’s like you have Ringo guesting. And the subtle banjo and then accordion is perfection – I think that’s what I’m hearing. The sound of waves and the seagulls in Sea Road is transcendent…I’m off the scale excited by Blast of Love. Cheers and thanks Lauren, you’re magic! I’ll get back to you with more on Blast. It’s amazing.”
~ Peter F. ( in Arkansas)

“CDs arrived today, Blast sounds great so far, looking forward to listening to all the music.”
~ Blathnaid a.k.a. Bravery Girl (in Dublin Ireland)

“This is very nice. I want to purchase Blast Of Love and Playing With the Pieces. Certainly a great way to start the new year with your inspiring music. :)”
~ Marina L. (in Brazil)


EngineeringwithGuitar“Gorgeous cover!”
~ Debra M. (in RI)

“YAY, Lauren! You did it! The whole thing sounds & looks fabulous!” ~ Elizabeth L.

“Up late listening to music and as usual I’m drawn to your work. Just listened to All The Words again. I heard the geese tonight in the clouds. What to say? Geese bumps. What inspired you to write this? It’s short! It’s like getting a taste of something wonderful and then realizing that it’s done just as you know that you want more!”
~ Peter F.

“Congratulations Cuz. Love the cover art. Love the video too- what a lot of work to produce all of this AND do all of the music from A to Z.”
~ Ricardo P.

“Fabulous! Congratulations, Lauren! Can hardly wait to hear ~ Best CD cover art and layout I’ve seen yet…on this planet, no less!”
~ Cynthia C. (Portsmouth, NH)

Playing with the Pieces“Your playing is so smooth and beautiful. I’ve never heard anything like it.”
~ Michael S.

“Beautiful in every way. You’re magic.”
~ Stefanie M.

“Another great one! your voice sounds AWESOME- so clear and unrestrained. I really like it…I need to listen again.”
~ Elizabeth L.

“Up late listening to music and as usual I’m drawn to your work. Just listened to, “All The Words”, again. I heard the geese tonight in the clouds. What to say? Geese bumps. ;o)”
~ Peter F.

“Thank you so much for coming all that way and doing such a wonderful job playing on my song! You have such a great attitude and are so fun and easy to work with. I love the different parts you came up with for the song. It really gives it a different sound. Looking forward to mixing it. Thanks again!”
~ Deborah G.

teaching“I’ve never had a guitar teacher like you. Somehow it all comes clear and i get it. Plus you teach me about everything: creativity, guitar, life. Your scope is so big. I’ve learned so much.”
~ Brian W.

“I just wanted to thank you for your time, energy, and encouragement during our private lessons and Beatles group courses a few years back. You were always quick with an encouraging word and I very much appreciated that. I’ve spent the last few years marinating in the lessons you imparted upon me and in many ways they helped me grow and develop self-confidence as an artist and a human being. So thank you! I’ve always admired your dedication to your students, but also to your artistry and passions away from teaching.”
~ Holden K.

LPass_ebook_768x1024I love your ebook! It’s worth the price for the rest stroke alone!
~ William H.

Super clear, great tips i can actually use right now. I like that it accesses videos, very cool.
~ Barb O.

I didn’t think I’d ever get the hang of using a pick, but i’ve gotten better right away. Every little bit of time makes a huge difference.
~ Steve M.