Shadow Language

Shadow Language

Original music by Lauren Passarelli and Cindy Brown. Alternative art rock rich with guitar riffs & alternate tunings, layers of vocals, poetic lyrics with clever arrangements & headphone listening productions.

Song Titles:
1. Your Own Dance
2. The Garden
3. Dreams I’m Living For
4. Hose & Iris
5. Loyal Heart
6. From The Water
7. Baby’s Blue
8. Rhythms of The Sun
9. All This Time
10. I Carry On
11. Too Sad To Know
12. Tomorrow’s Touch
13. Hold Onto Me
14. Serving The Groove
15. My Norwegian Friend
16. Us & Me


“YAY, Lauren! You did it! The whole thing sounds & looks fabulous!”
~ Elizabeth L.

“I’ve listened to your CD three times and it just gets better and better. Lots of variety…no two songs sound alike. I like the see-sawing of the rock and folk sounds and your music has so much depth, both lyrically and technically. So cool.”
~ Kathy D.

“It’s a beautiful piece of work. The songs are lovely and haunting, and the
arrangments are great, especially the wonderful guitar work. My fave song
is “From the Water”–just gorgeous, with magical lyrics. Also really love
the first two tunes, especially “The Garden”. “Too Sad to Know” has a
nifty McCartney vibe, and “My Norwegian Friend” is very cool, very
unique-sounding. You’re an amazing artist, and I hope you get the
recognition you deserve.”

~ Didi S.