Playing With The Pieces

Pieces cover
Playing With The Pieces features melodic, emotional, guitar-driven songs on topics that range from love & loss to the freedom & potential of the creative process. Listeners might detect shades of Fleetwood Mac, James Taylor & Jonatha Brooke.


Song Titles:
1. Low Tide
2. Sweetest Thing
3. Bellabye
4. Time To Groove (for Ellen Degeneres)
5. Mainly Distance
6. Hold On
7. Great Day to Land/Happy Birthday
8. Secret Quantum Song Enjoy
9. Secret Quantum Song Thank You
10. Playing With The Pieces
11. Two Years Deep
12. All The Words



“Up late listening to music and as usual I’m drawn to your work. Just listened to All The Words again. I heard the geese tonight in the clouds. What to say? Geese bumps. What inspired you to write this? It’s short! It’s like getting a taste of something wonderful and then realizing that it’s done just as you know that you want more!”
~ Peter

“Your playing is so smooth and beautiful. I’ve never heard anything like it.”
~ Michael S.

“Beautiful in every way. You’re magic.”
~ Stefanie M.

“This is very nice. I want to purchase Blast Of Love and Playing With the Pieces. Certainly a great way to start the new year with your inspiring music. :)”
~ Marina (in Brazil)