Back To The Bone

Back to the Bone
Solo & layered acoustic & electric guitar instrumentals.

Song Titles:
1. Northwest Passage
2. Please Feel Free
3. Feels Like Always
4. Song For Susan
5. Think Again
6. Early Morning Dark
7. All Day Sun
8. Tea & A Sunrise
9. Leni Knows
10. Day Like Today
11. Haven’t A Care
12. Back To The Bone


“You’re a magical guitarist, an amazing musician.”
~ Patty D.

“You make it look so easy. Your playing is thoughtful, accurate, clean and beautiful.”
~ Steve H.

“On Tuesday evening I hooked up my iPad and played your songs through the outdoor speakers on the main deck and patio where we cooked and hosted a grill and supper by the lake for our employees. MASSIVE hit!!! Absolutely everyone loved your music. We had the entire bay to ourselves and the music rolled over the lake and filled the whole bay. We had a huge fire burning and the embers were sparkling up into the sky as your music was playing. It was perfect. It struck me that someone can create some music, release it into the World, and it lives on.”
~ Peter

“Your playing is so clean and spot on, you’re a total badass.”
~ Paul S.