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A Parallel Sunrise master


AfterFab Cover Story Metronome November 2015


See AfterFab, live in Danbury, CT. Come visit us at the FAB 4 Music Festival in Danbury CT August 15th. It’s going to be FABtastic!

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Danbury music Festival features, AfterFab in August 2015


Jan 2015 Chelmsford Article


Music that matters

Lauren Passarelli, lead guitarist and backing vocalist, has been with the band for four months. She said the band found her on the Internet, and that as the Beatles professor in the guitar department at Berklee College of Music, she also toured with a Beatles tribute band for 12 years, and has hundreds of videos on YouTube.

“All Beatle music is important to me. The Beatles taught me everything about music, life, optimism, humor, and connection,” Passarelli said. “Celebrating the moments that fill our time, and making them extraordinary by caring and investing ourselves, the Beatles gave the world permission to dream, desire, to wake up and be conscious, and use our power for the good. ” Read More...

Passarelli — whose favorite Beatle is George Harrison, added, “I am forever grateful that I was on the planet when all four Beatles were here. I’ve loved them since, ‘Please Please Me,’ in 1963. It was heartbreaking when The Beatles broke up in 1970. I was 10 years old, and so I was thrilled that they made solo albums. That was how they continued and how I could continue and grow with them.”

She observed, “AfterFab is an amazing idea and such a cool, band for me. Many of these songs and guitar parts I had never played before, so I’m programming the right sounds, and working out the parts and having tremendous fun being a part of this group. Bryan, Mike, Tom, Jon, and Adam are great guys and it’s a blast to recreate these masterpieces with them.”  


october 2014 I joined a new band, AfterFab. Check us out here.


If you love The Beatles, see the Film Good Ol’Freda featuring Freda Kelly herself, The Beatles Fan Club Secretary. She worked for them for 10 years. She has lovely stories to share, and a heart of gold.



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Inside LeominsterLauren was a special guest on the TV Show, Inside Leominster