LAUREN’S TOP TEN for Guitarists


  1. Create meaning everyday. Do your thing – practice, write, play, record. Make yourself proud.
  1. Learn to set your intonation and play in tune. Each string has to be balanced at the 12th fret so the guitar is in tune with itself.
  1. Marry the metronome. Listen to the heart-beat of the music. Play in sync.
  1. Use the rest stroke playing with fingers or a pick. Each attack needs the proper follow through for excellent tone.

5.  Learn where the notes are on the staff and the fret-board. Fingering charts are             free online. Literacy is power.

  1. Develop your picking/strumming hand. Learn how to skip strings. It’s essential for playing accuracy, groove, feel, rhythm, and lead playing. Work on your sense of time. The guitar is not monophonic. Learn how to make two, three, four, five, or six notes sound amazing, too – not just one note at a time.
  1. Your thoughts are your focus. Your emotions are a result of what you’ve been thinking about. Practice how you feel.
  1. Practice good self-care. Eat real food every three to four hours. Get sleep. Drink water. Thirst is the number one cause of fatigue.
  1. Start and end the day under the head-phones. Nourish yourself with your favorite music.
  1. Be always learning. Stay hungry for new adventures, experiences, and inspiration.







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