Go To Your Studio & Make Stuff

There’s every reason on earth to enjoy the creative things you enjoy as often as you choose to. We see ourselves in definitive ways & at various times or ages in our lives we allow ourselves to have & be those creative things. At other times we wait for outside validation or an invitation or just don’t allow ourselves to have that fun anymore. Sometimes a new creative fun comes up but we hold ourselves from it thinking only they can do that art form, I’ve never been good at that & so I’m not allowed to have it.Not true. Not even nice. Who’s side are you on anyway? Who’s voice is that in your head? You are the only one who can validate you. You give to yourself or you hold your self back. You dive in & have the fun or you keep yourself from it.
Enjoy your time. Your life is here & now. It’s your energy, your fire. Explore. Investigate. Wander. Listen. Devour the things you enjoy doing. They’re here for you. You are here for them. You belong together. They equal fun & fulfillment. There’s so much information in books & on the internet on everything you’re interested in. Go for it. Vy vait?
I had a mighty time giving a song writing & creativity clinic with the multi talented,Kate Chadbourne on Feb 23rd, 2010. The juicy sparks & laughs were flying. We could have gone on for hours. The presentation is onĀ YouTube.
Jump in, get wet. Make a splash. Go to your studio & make stuff.

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