Cool Gear

Slide guitar – live options

The Tonewood Amp for acoustic guitars



IMG_1675Some of my favorites:

Traynor YGL1 & Traynor Am Standard amps
Clean Boost by Keeley Electronics. Great tone, punching through the loud band to guarantee hearing the solo.
ATH M50 audio technica headphones, clean full, accurate sound producing headphones.
Audio Technica 4080 ribbon mic ┬áIt’s beautifully warm & captures tone in a delicious way, rich, dreamy & full.
Audio Technica any mic really, they’re all great. I have drum overhead mics, condenser mics even a head set vocal mic.
Celestial Effects Taurus & Capricorn stomp boxes
Line 6 Variax, and James Tyler Variax, fantastic to push a button for alternate tunings!
Wechter Nashville Acoustic, high shimmering strings of a high strung guitar in a parlor body with perfect intonation can’t be beat.
Crowley & Tripp Ribbon mic Studio Vocalist, delicious on my voice.

Favorite strings: D’Addario, DR Handmade & La Bella.

I’m using my ART, SGX 2000 with their X15 midi controller for Afterfab. It’s a preamp multi effects unit. The X15 pedal allows me to change patches instantly or with the 2 expression pedals morph and change 7 parameters instantly with midi. It’s the best sounding unit out there to handle the complicated task of sounding like the record, for every song. I have a Boss Harmonizer, an Eventide H9 Harmonizer, a Morley volume pedal, with a minimum volume setting, a Rolls mic mute, and a Keeley Katana Clean Boost, and it’s being triggered by my Line 6, James Tyler Variax. This guitar simulates 24 different guitars and their pickups. So with a flip of a switch I have teles, strats, les pauls, semi hollow bodies, acoustics, 12 strings, electric 12 strings,sitar, resonator, Gretsches, Rickenbackers, or alternate tunings. I love it!

I wear my Audio Technica ATH M-50 headphones to keep the stage volume down for my own monitoring. I split my mic signal so I can feed the house PA, and my little mixer where I have a line for my guitar too. My Shure Sm 35 headset condenser mic picks up the stage volume so the band is in my headphones a plenty. I’m using my Traynor YGL1 and Traynor AM Standard Acoustic for the acoustic sounds & lovin’the results.