A Parallel Sunrise

A Parallel Sunrise master

The highly anticipated new work from Lauren Passarelli is filled with intrigue, desire, and rich textures. It’s a delicious romp of lyrics and melodies, bluesy, pop, acapella, and even a piano ditty.

Song Titles:
1. Here’s To Life Again
2. Totally Love You
3. Hear Me
4. Reaching for Love
5. The Sway


“Music like this makes me so happy, I love it. How do you do so many things so well? You really are the music industry’s wonder woman.”
~ Philip J.

“You can really write great songs. Kudos to you.”
~ Ted B.

“You have this way of choosing harmony that captures the emotions you sing about. You’re tuned into the vibes man, you’re the real deal.”
~ Chet D.

“This gal, Lauren P., although a mega musical talent, and highly knowledgeable, seems so real and pleasant. What a wonderful lady. It’s very easy to like her.”
~ Chip R.