Guitar Insights – Minor Tweaks, Major Results

Guitar Insights – Minor Tweaks, Major Results
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The first book in her Guitar Insights Series: Guitar virtuoso and Beatles Scholar ~ Berklee College of Music, Guitar Professor, Lauren Passarelli shares guitar insights equally useful for any level guitar player. From choosing a guitar or choosing a teacher to demystifying the often unspoken details that some advanced players do naturally and other players have never heard of, Guitar Insights, Minor Tweaks, Major Results, is a resource for every guitar player wanting to know what makes the professional difference.



“Like water & sunshine, showing up to practice will help you grow”. This line is going on my wall.  ~ Michael, J.

Your ebook is wonderful. First of all I like the font. It is round, just the right size, clear and easy to read. The tone of the book is nice. The pay attention but take it easy approach is encouraging and reassuring, especially for the beginner. I see that in many ways I have been innately on the right track without knowing it. I liked the checking intonation instruction. It is like squaring up a box. And the fingerpicking part is helpful, something to work on. And, like time in the saddle, the doing is fun most of the time and the range and skill can be as wide and open as you wish. Anyway, it is simple and wonderful, and directly to the point. Valuable nuggets. You are good. Thanks for sharing,  ~ Audrey D.

I just read through and found it very nice and useful, on the Choosing a Guitar section I found it very informative, there was a bunch of stuff that I either didn’t know about or didn’t give it much thought. I also enjoyed the LESSONS OR SELF-TAUGHT? section, that’s a great point that i think is not talked about enough, the bit there are a lot more well known artists that didn’t have guitar lessons or theory and harmony lessons than there are who have, is a real highlight, especially coming from a top guitar professor like yourself! Also, the bit about playing songs that give you goose bumps I think is one of the nicest pieces of advice that helps keep the flame amongst all the academic overload, these days. ~ Pino M.

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